Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is my cousin and I am Chris James and I love my little cousins they always give me a smile even at the toughest times like my great grandma died that I was really close and this kid right here gave me the biggest smile he is funny so Jerry Sienfeld watch out. He is the toughest little guy I have ever seen he will fall down but he will get right up and he is really good and cool


This is a blog about our family. The James family. I'm Jill; Mom to this crazy bunch. I'm 3? years old and love being a wife to Greg-3? and mom to Chris -12, Kate-11, and Kolbie-8. This blog is about what our family does and who we are. Please post comments, we love comments. We will all take turns posting so you can hear from all of us. Happy reading!!!