Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why do I love thee....

  I am writing this tonight, gambling on the fact that not too many persons out there are reading it.  It has been way to long since my last post so I doubt that anyone still has interest.  In fact tonight's post is about my favorite woman, Jill.  I bet it will be a while until she reads this...unless someone tells her about it.  Which I will not mind, but let's see how long it takes for her to poke around here. 
  I watch way too much TV, but the other day I saw a "Miller Lite" commercial.  You might have seen it.  The guy and girl are sitting on a blanket in the park.  He comments how he loves the wide mouth bottles.  He has reason after reason for "loving" his beer.  Then the girl says "What do you love about me....?"  Now the male readers know exactly how I feel at thsi point.  Your tongue gets heavy, your eyes begin to roll around in your head and you get a bit dizzy.  What are we supposed to say??? I am yelling at the TV at this point, "get up run, run away.  Save yourself!!"  This is never a great moment.  Jill ask's this all of the time, I cannot ever come up with a good answer.  In fact, Jill, correct me if I am worng, but I think I have said I usually don't make a list of these things. (am I good or what?)
   Well, Saturday April 17th is Jill's birthday.  What a better time to come up with the list and put it all out there.  Guys, I am sorry that I am going to do this.  all of us will need to ban together and make a book or something.  "101 reason's we love you..." that could be a best seller.  FINE PRINT..... this list is not all inclusive nor does it reflect the entire opinion of it's writer.  If by some chance he has left something important off, it is not his fault.  The writer holds all power to adjust this list at anytime.   Results are not guaranteed, in fact the results could be negative, but here goes......
 Reasons I love you, Jill ......
  Amazingly enough I will put down the male answer first.  (I will keep it PG rated.)  You are a great lover.  Kissing is fun and you know all the rest.  BTW, that is getting better with age and since there is no chance of pregnancy it is actually fun! 
   Jill is not a great housekeeper, but that is one thing I like.  She never tries to clean her house better than Sara or Aly or her sister.  She is herself, I know she hates not being good at this, but it is ok.  I really like doing my part.  Dishes, vacuuming, laundry is not for a female only.  Everyone needs to pitch in.  Could you help me more, sure but I love you anyway!
  I love that Jill reads.  She is always trying to become more knowledgeable.  Sometimes very opinionated, but always informed.  Jill will research it out if she does not understand.  We do not read the same types of books, but she will share with me her books.  I find that attractive. 
   When I married Jill, she had no sports background.  NOW sports is her life.  She knows more about baseball than lots of men.  In fact she has made facebook comments that I do not think some people even understand.  Baseball is her favorite, but she watches football with me and lots of other things.  I wish she liked car racing, but she likes to tease me about my hick sport.  Oh well, like she tells me, most men would kill for a woman that knows what E3 stands for!  (did you know she kept stats for the baseball league, she even gave weekly reports to the coaches, batting averages, ERA everything)
  Jill has a great body.  Like everyone she gripes about sagging parts and extra weight, but I love it.  She is sexy and I love it when she tries  to make herself pretty.  Lots of women woul pay big bucks to have boobs like hers.  Sounds like someday I will be paying big bucks to make them beter.  Oh well, I love her body.
   Jill is a good Mother.  She does not feel that way, but she is.  She has stayed up until the wee hours of the morning talking to each one of our kids.  When I am wits end, she can find a way to help them understand.  I think she loves having teenagers.  Talking to Kate and Chris aobut girls boys and the tough things they are going through is one of her greatest strengths.  She loves to cuddle with Kolbie and watch a movie for the millionth time.  Even if it si one of those vampire movies or what not.
  She loves the movies.  Jill goes to a movie by herself all of the time.  Working at Old Navy she had days off during the week.  This gave her the chance to go to movies in the afternoon.  I like to go with her, but some movies I do not understand (Greg ,for do not want to see), so she heads out by herself and loves it.  We have quite the collection of DVDs.  Numerous times we have kept a red box long enough for it to be ours!
  Jill is becoming an expert on salt water fish.  Even if she loves bristle worms and is yelling at us to come and see one more.  Fish are stinky, and aften very dirty, but she has a fascination for our tank. 
  Best of all she is my best friend.  I love to talk to her and I think she actually listens to me.

  Ok like I said before this list not complete and I am sure I have forgotten something very important.  Jill I love you!  I hope Your birthday is the greatest.  You deserve it, SMILE you will always be my favorite.  Next time you get that hankerin' to ask me why... please refer to this post.  I will not be able to revive it from memory.  My tongue will probably be tripping over itself.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!