Sunday, July 26, 2009

I have been duped, taken advantage of and otherwise used. This all done by my own daughter! Tuesday I officially lose my little girl and hatch a young woman. She is leaving for girl's camp. I am OK with her going and I know that she will be safe and have fun. I just thought I had a little girl still. Saturday afternoon her and I sat down to go over the list of items she needed so we could go to the store. Toothpaste, hand sanitizer, rain poncho, sleeping bag, etc. She got down the list to femine hygiene items and she looked at me puzzled. "What is that?" HA, HA, that is my little girl. I casually explained in my best man knowledge what that included and we were off to the store.
Walmart is a great place for everything girls camp. They carry items from rain poncho all the way to "secret sister" gifts for under a dollar. We had the list and checked it twice, we were missing nothing. So we were off to grab some food for lunch and Kate piped up. "Dad, I need Sunday shoes. Can we look at what they have here." Walmart shoes are cheap and I am all about cheap so I agreed. After a short couple of minutes Kate comes around the shoe aisle and says what about these Dad. They were heels, I had never seen Kate wear heels, but all girls do and I honestly could not remember if she had any or not. I asked if she could walk in heels and she said of course and said she wanted them so she did not feel so short. I had her try them on (ask me another day how to fit pants without trying them on). We traded for a larger size and headed out.
When Jill got home later that night I got told what I had done wrong. (See us men do not think we do anything wrong until we are told) Kate did not own any high heels and had never owned them, and these shoes were... how did they word it...... "hooker shoes" (not my words). Hmm well, I guess I do not get to take the girls shoe shopping anymore! YIPPEE (see related article on "how to get out of stuff")
Watching Kate try to walk in them at church was funny, but all women do it and I told her to look around. Watch all of the other ladies, they have mastered it. Heel, toe..... maybe I could do it. We had a baby giraffe loose in the halls today. What a day to be alive!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Football Begins (or puking 101)!!!

13 year old kids bent over puking their guts out, are not a pleasant things, but when it is not your boy, it is OK! Today started out a new adventure, FOOTBALL! This is is something that we have never experienced before. I am not sure it is as exciting as riding the "wicked" or eating 2 dozen oreos in one sitting, but my stomach does not hurt so we're good.
Today marked the first practice and the first meeting of the minds, or parents standing around watching and wondering why the coach did that or if they were watching when their son tripped running his wind sprint. I usually drop Chris off and leave. You know, there are things to do during the 3 hours of practice time. I certainly could get my CD's organized or rewind my DVD's...... Today I broke my rule and spent the time sitting in the shade (or partly cloudy sun light) watching what was basically a run fest with a few up-downs thrown in for good measure. Running in place and falling flat on your stomach is not what I call a good time. In fact I might lose my five guys double cheese burger in the process if I tried it. My son did the best (I just had to say that) he did better than I thought he would. In fact 1/2 an hour before practice started we did not even know what an up-down was. Considering as much we will call today a win!
From what I gathered from the balcony, the teams have already been divided. So what this week does I will never know. Seems as though the 4 "A" team coaches could sit down before and set up the teams then we could get on with life. Right now it is almost a carnival of freak shows between the "haves" and "semi haves". They even run together. They call this week tryouts, even the parents try out for the best positions. There needs to be a belly acher who complains about everything. Oh then there is the helicopter Mom hovering around to see what each boy had for breakfast. I like the weight loss parent, his boy is going to be below 135 for sure so he does not have the dreaded X on his helmet. Then how about the best friend of the coach parent. I am working on that one! Oh to the start of the season. I think I will be second left on Hunter High's bench before the season is up. Just wait and see, I can do it. I know I have some high school elegibility left!