Sunday, August 31, 2008

Church Time

Just a couple of observations at church today I wanted to pass along. We have a great family in our ward. In fact I think I am supposed to be their home teacher, but that is another of my short comings. She is a blogger so I am sure that she will read this eventually, but I could not help but mention the fun things I see. (I am a people watcher, and I enjoy seeing what others are doing.) Anyways the Wibergs are sitting in front of us in church. Carin has mentioned many times how Kate likes to be the "sister" at times to her brothers. I say that in the fun way. At times she will be the best friend and then whamo..... her mood will change and the boys no longer are fun. I witnessed one of those moments. Kate and Brandon were sitting very quietly in sacrament meeting and Kate got Brandon to think he needed to lay down on Mom. Kate was going to... but Carin did not want that. Anyways Carin got frustrated with Brandon and decided to take him out. As they began leaving the row I noticed Kate, she got a big grin on her face directed to Brandon and just as he glanced back one last time..... She stuck her tongue out at him. I almost died trying not to laugh. Carin do not get mad at her because while you were out she made those same faces with the Delamar twins for 10 minutes. It was fun during sacrament meeting.
Another thing I noticed in church today. There are not very many married couples that sit next to each other in our ward. In fact there was one married couple that sat rows apart. If this is because of the divide and concur strategy or the I am not in the mood to sit by your ugly butt! Who knows, but it is funny none the less.
In primary we had the last of the funny things in church that I will relate. Kemra Lamborn taught sharing time. She did awesome and the kids were completely involved. At the end she set up a game much like hang man she called "Let's save Fred". She had made a stick figure out of Popsicle sticks and that was Fred. Under him on the chalk board was some water that she had drawn and she placed 2 plastic sharks in the chalk tray. When the kids got a letter wrong they took a piece of Fred and put it down by the sharks. Chance missed a letter and went up and got one of his legs. Chance made the shark's mouth move like he was eating it and our boys caught on. It was more fun to miss letters than get them right. They picked Q & Z & X, laughing the whole time. Pretty soon Jackie Simper had to point out that if they got the words right there was a treat. I think our boys would have booed if they got a letter right in the game. Oh the fun we have in church.


Ok this coming week I have had a good week at school and I have made new freinds and I have reconnected with my old ones and I have had new experiences with school and friends and classes. This week has really been eventful my friends have talked me into foining the cross country team at kennedy and I am having a great time this is really just trainning for wrestling I think I have lost 5 pounds already. Two of my friends has made the school volleyball team Quin Parker and Braden Delamare. Congradulations guys!!!! Ok back to the story about me making the cross country team. It was the fourth day of school and it was b-day and I had P.E. and we did this fittness test and we did this thing called the pacer and I would of passed it but i tripped up and bearly didn't make it i went for about running for 30 min. and my friend said that i should try-out and I did and I made it!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

School thoughts

Chris has started Junior High this week. What a transition for our family. Jill and I have encouraged him to be involved in school. After watching the Olympics these last 2 weeks he really wanted to play volleyball, but after practicing a couple of days and watching the other kids at school he decided that was not for him. Cross Country is what he settled on and Friday after school I get an IM message on my computer. It said "Dad.... I made the team" That was it short and sweet. Of course some of you maybe snickering a bit because you have seen Chris run. I think this will be good for him and get him in batter shape for baseball.
I have had the opportunity to drop him off at school a couple of days this week. I was a little nervous to see him run off to that big school, but I think things are going well. I am glad we have had such good luck with our kids in school. I hear all of the time about families struggling with teachers and other students. Chris has been in a few fights and Kolbie struggled with a couple of her teachers, but for the most part the kids have been able to get involved and pursue their education to the fullest.
I think that schooling is very much and individual sport. Meaning the student needs to learn for himself. It is alot like life. Sometimes life does not always roll us winners. I really wish that I could stand over my kids everyday and help them through their problems, but I know that I cannot always be there. The kids amaze me at what they can figure out. There is a rash of parents we know that a home schooling. That is great for them, but I am glad my kids go to public school. For some families it works good to have Mom teach the kids, but it would not work for my kids. They need other influences on them to help them learn. I can see where home school would make my kids "book" smart, but I feel they would miss out on the other learning opportunities at school.
We made it through this week without any major problems. The girls do not want to go to bed at a decent hour so we have the ongoing fight every night until they finally crash. Funny story... Chris came home on Thursday and said he had failed the dress code inspection. Mind you he was wearing the polo we bought for him at the school. He turned to Jill and said "Don't worry Mom, I told them that this was either the right shirt or we wanted our money back. What will it be" I guess the teacher got this funny look on her face and said Oh maybe that is the right shirt.
--- Greg

Sunday, August 24, 2008


The last few weeks I have been on the down side. Jill suffers from depression in the winter time when it gets dark early and the skies seem very grey. I think I get it when things stay stuck the same day in and day out. The end of summer is that time. Baseball finishes up and there is that dead time before school starts. The last few weeks have been tough. It does not help that my office has been ripped out from under me and things at work are a total caos. Financially it has been tough, and with Jill's health issues we are fighting through. I find myself wondering when it will turn around. When will things change? Can I ever expect to be happy?
Jill reads a feminist mormon blog once in a while that had an interesting post the other day. A lady posted a "why me" blog. She pays her tithing and does the whole routine, church, activities, etc. She wondered when she would ever feel like life gave back to her. The bills are piling up etc. I thought alot about that. Life is too short to feel sorry for myself.
I "hit a pedestrian" this week and boy was I mad. West Valley Police had a sting set up on 3900 S with a cross walk. I almost got hit from behind trying to stop at it and still got a ticket. BUT, who cares I have a good life. I am relatively a good person and have a good family. I have more blessings than I can count. Just like that song says "Count your many belssings name them one by one".
I have a great wife. She may not be homemaker of the year and I do lots of chores around the house, but I love her. Beisdes shouldn't I be doing my part at home. Jill still excites me and I look forward to the good days she has. Jill is a very smart girl and I am glad I got her.
Chris is the son I always wanted. Last night we went to a bees game together. I think he knows more about baseball than most adults. He is a good looking kid and will some day grow into a giant. I worry about him starting junior high, but I know the Lord will help protect him from evil.
Kate is so gorgeous, I worry about someone taking her from me. I know that she is growing into a young women and am glad she is getting the values she needs to help her.
Kolbie has the personality that I lack. She has that flare for the dramatic. She keeps us laughing constantly.
I have a great job and work with great people. I have a home to live in and food to eat.
I am not trying to boast. Just trying to count, I may be a little down in the dumps sometimes, but I know that it will turn around. For sometime I was very disappointed about being in the primary, but lately I have found a niche. Those boys need teachers like Jeremy and I. I think we are having fun with it and reaching out to some boys that will be future leaders. Over time my spirits will perk up. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
--- Greg

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday is a special day a day to.....

Jill's mom and I have been discussing the oddity of riding in the car. Sometimes it is fun to give the keys to someone else and sit in the passengers seat. With Jill's Dad being sick and Jill taking pain medication Barbara and I have been doing all of the driving. It is awful to always sit on the left side of the car. I find myself daydreaming as I drive and I need to remind myself to pay attention. Do you always drive? What percent of males do all of the driving in their families? These are interesting questions. Louie from work always drives. He cannot sit in the passengers seat. I asked him once if his wife has ever driven. Once she did and it scared him to death. He has driven ever since. Jill does not like it when she drives, she says I make her nervous. Most of the time I see the man driving. Gordy, my neighbor and coworker, never drives his wife's car. In fact one night I asked him for a ride to a viewing and his wife drove us. Interesting..... does driving give us more power or make us better? I do not know. I do not believe the women drivers are necessarily worse drivers, they just drive more often. Driving more often will always lead to more accidents.
Louie had a VW bug painted bright green with yellow stripes. It was a fun car. One day he wanted to go to lunch and it had been snowing. I told him I was not going to push his car. Well he tried to make a right turn through a snow bank and got stuck. I turned to him and said I am not pushing. He got out and I drove from the passengers seat. I think driving the car is sort of a push for power. Men need to feel that power. We are weak and looking to impress our mates or lure in our mates. Our driving prowess marks us for the powerful men we are.
Next time you drive look around, there are interesting things to see. 5400 west by our church there are 3 hawks living in the trees. I have you noticed the 2 big st Bernard dogs on the shortcut from 5400 to 5600 west. Have you noticed the pheasants that live in the tomato patch off 4100 south? Jill and I did a paper route a couple of years ago and there was a neighborhood that had a for sale sign that traveled. Every morning it was in front of someone Else's house. It is fun to notice odd things that go on. This is my word of advice, drive all you want, but take the time to look around. This world is a fun place.

Chris is signed up for girls gym. You go girl!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Jill's long day @ LD

I am having a hard time sleeping tonight. Jill had her implant done so every time I roll over I hear her groan a bit. The life of a devoted husband, right? Ha, Ha, I get lots of things on my mind sometimes and I have a hard time getting them to slow down so I can relax and go to sleep. Jill came through the surgery very well. It took lots longer than I expected. We go to the hospital around 1 and they told us they were running behind. The nurse thought she would be taken in around 3:30. They even gave me a lunch coupon so I could get something to eat. I love the cafeteria food in the hospitals. Jill ended up going to surgery at 5 and it took a little over 2 hours. Jill always has a hard time coming out of the anesthesia so we left the hospital around 11 and picked up the kids. It was a long day. Jill is doing well.
They will program the implant in a couple of weeks and then she will be home free, we hope.
I hate the hospital, My feet always hurt and we figured out why sometime ago. I think I stress out and tighten the muscles in my feet. I have never stayed in a hospital, except for my birth. In fact the only type of "surgery" I have ever had is stitches and a colonoscopy. Jill on the other hand has got the procedures down pat. When the nurse asks for her history she always asks if they want the condensed version, or the cliff notes. I sure hope this procedure helps and gets us back to normal life. It is not a good thing when the nurses recognize us.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Greg & Kolbie talk together

This is a combination Kolbie/Dad post. We are sitting here late at night after watching the Michael Phelps show on the olympics. Kolbie thinks Michael Phelps is beautiful. I am not so sure. I am glad he does not where the full body suit, that way I can tell it is a mens event. Although I would not be oppose to topless swim racing in the olympics.

My favorite olympic event is the girl swiming. Dad, why do you listen to the xm baseball instead of the olympics?

Good question Kolbie, You know that I like baseball. Right now I am listening to the Dodgers game and they just beat the Phillies 4 to 3. Andre Either just had a walk off hit for the big win. I really like to listen to the games. Russel Martin scored and now the Dodgers are 1 game behind the awful Diamondbacks. I thought you would like softball. Kolbie, are you excited for school?

I am excited for school and I have Miss. Curtis and Iam excited. And I have question for you dad. I love softball and I love you to and y do you love baseball to much I hate it and you love it so much y do you?

Well, I have played baseball since I was 8 years old. So that makes 30 years. Can you believe it. I can still remeber the first team I played on. It was the Twins just like you. I had a great coach and he had me play third base. The Next year I played in the outfield and then I learned how to catch. I love baseball because it relaxes me. Since I have become old I like to watch you younger kids play. If you have noticed I like to keep score at baseball games. That is one of my hobbies. Do you know what hobbies are? My hobbies include: Sports of all kinds, baseball, football, fantasy sports, I like to take fun pictures, scrapbook (No women should read that), collect baseball cards, watch my stocks on the stock market, geocaching, car racing, cars, and that is all I can think of now. What are your hobbies?

A hobby is something you like to do. My hobby is playind the computer and eating junk food I am going to bed and Ilove the computer and good bye.

Ok Kolbie, see you later! Thanks for letting us type some jibberish tonight. Maybe Chris, Kate and Mom can tyoe in here some of their hobbies next. Tchau and remember...... stand up...... and say fast an loud 3 times ... Hoof hearted.... Hoof hearted.... Hoff hearted!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Amazing Kids

I've just spent the last few minutes watching Chris and Kate sit out on the swings talking. It made me smile. Personally, I think I have the worlds most amazing kids. Not perfect kids, amazing kids. They make me smile.

During dinner tonight, I told Greg, Chris, Kate and Kolbie I thought they were all awesome, and I loved them. They all looked at me like I was crazy. Not that it was a bad thing to say, just that it came out of the blue. I know that I don't tell my family that I love them nearly enough. I would truly be lost without them.

I've been thinking lately about all THE MANY things that my family has taught me. Here are a few things:

Kolbie taught me that it's okay to be silly. She's shown me that you can't be serious all the time, and that a smile can really make a difference.

Kate has taught me calmness. Katie hardly ever gets "all worked up" or upset. She's also amazes me with her heart. Kate loves animals and kids, and is amazing with them. She's taught me to not take everything so seriously.

I love the that Chris asks questions, about everything. He shocked me the other day with a birds and the bees talk with myself and a close friend of mine. I love that he asks questions, then makes conclusions.

Greg has taught me so many things, but the biggest thing is to be patient. Greg is the most patient person I've ever met. He's also the most humble.

I have been blessed with my little family, and I could never show how much I love them. We've been so blessed. The thing that I've been thinking about is how I need to start to let go. My kids are growing up and before I know it, I'll have to let go. I don't like that idea too much, but what choice do I have? I just hope and pray that things will continue to be good for us. I hope that I can teach my kids the things they need to know about God, family and everything else.
I'll continue to do the best that I can.

Written by: Jill