Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baby Sitting

My Daughter has grown up enough to experience something that most of us have... Baby Sitting. The Vincents have asked her to help them out with their grand kids for a few days. She has also watched her cousins a few times. Yesterday she went to my brother and sister in laws to watch their 3 kids. She had an interesting experience. The Bickmores are bird sitting, what that involves is a bird in a cage and feeding it. The Bickmores youngest child, Harrison, decided to open the cage and the guest decided to get out of the cage. This bird is supposed to be mean with a big sharp beak. Kate did not know what to do. I guess they tried the open cage with food inside for the bird. They tried loud noises, they even locked themselves in the bed room so the bird would not get them.
I can just imagine Kate and the kids trying to solve the issue and get the bird in the cage. I do not do well with birds, so I can sympathize with her. Kate is a good girl, it is fun to see her grow up and solve the deal.
When I was a kid we watched the neighbors dogs. They were big huskies. One of them actually had attacked my dog and it had died. One morning we went to check on them and one of the Huskies had died in it's dugout dog house. It had been cold and I think it froze to death. That was a tough deal.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Free from the strangle hold!

Freebird is playing in the background as I type this post. Why you might ask? I have been released from bondage and left to roam with the big boys. If you close your eyes and imagine for just one moment. Class is excused and a hoard of young boys gather around a nice and calm man. Gradually these young men converge and with all the gumption they own they begin rubbing the bald man's head. This man was only to be saved from his ultimate doom when mom of #1 leader boy emerges from the other room and shoos all of the leaches away. Laughing are you? That was me about a week ago in the hall waiting to go to sharing time with my class.
THEN comes the attack of the "ladies" of the other classes. Certainly they must find and practice attacking me all week. Just to unleash on the innocent. Making it worse is the fact I am all by myself. Usually us men hunt in packs, but when stranded I am hopeless as being in a strip club with no singles. At this point I have no one to hear me grunt and cheer when I score a hit on the enemy. The "leaders" are of no help either because they hold those X chromosomes also. I want to stick my head deep in the sand like an ostrich so I can avoid the onslaught. Ode to the primary!
Just kidding, I am sad to be moving up and away from good friends and sisters that I think I can call my friends. I like to tease all of the Presidency and other teachers too, but I love them all and loved the kids I tried to serve. I always tried my best in my primary calling, I hope that I can progress in my new adventure too. Next time you sneak by the open class room door and don't see us kids playing a game or talking about something other than the lesson just remember I am now in the young men, heaven help us!
Now the young men have free access to rub my head and I have no protection.