Sunday, February 28, 2010

Red Headed Step Child

What to post about?  Lately I have had major anxiety, over everything.  This includes friends, work, school, everything!  I go places and feel very frustrated.  I think it really shows sometimes.  Church has become a wierd place for me to go.  I feel like I have lots of friends (that is not the truth, but that is for another post), but I feel weird.  Kolbie is having issues with friends, Jill is Jill, Chris says no one cares if he is there anyways.  What to do??? BUT that is not what I want to post about.

Sometimes we get sucked into the why me stage, we forget about the blessings we have.  I have a place to live (at least for now).  My kids go to school and try, but they have a school.  I have a family that I love, and I have a job.  What else can I ask for.  My life is good, sometimes it is better than I deserve. 

Right after Jill and I were married we got involved in Amway.  Not the smartest decision we have ever made.  We never made it rich in fact I think I lost money and some friends in the process.  Inviting someone over and then ambushing them with a multilevel marketing scheme does not bode well for the future of a friendship.  In that process I did have a couple of great learning opportunities.  One of those were some cool positive learning experiences.  My first was a book by David Swartz called The Magic of Thinking Big.  I have read this book several times.  It helps me to see my life in a different light.  The other good thing I found was a song called Cat's In The Cradle (LP Version).  These two things have been with me for a long time.

Now is the time to harness these ideas and work on my life to produce a better life.  I need to be propelled towards sucess.  Positive and productive thoughts will help me to suceed.  Jill and are in sort of financial problem, but I know that we can make it.  Why not try the hardest I can.  Church will be church, what am I really there for, social? not! My testimony growth is what I need to grasp.  I am not perfect, I do not have a temple reccomend, but I can try.  Kolbie's friend problem will be a battle.  She can find a better way.  If that means changing friends then so be it.  She is a beautiful girl and if someone wants her not to be happy then she will find someone else.  Chris can do it.  He has put his mind to the play thing and he is suceeding.  He will find a way to achieve greater respect from those around him.  We have a great big labrotory to practice and experiment.  There are more opportunities for us.  Think Success, not failure.  Now I need to start living that advice.  Get to the top by following the plan. 

Sorry to put you through my self motivation, but it will help me to get the results I need.  Thank you!