Monday, April 27, 2009


This last weekend I experienced something that I am not sure if I am ready for. I think I figured out that my son has a crush. Jill has threatened me not to ever tease my kids about the puppy love situations they find themselves in. I have sat back and noticed Kate changing her clothes when some of Chris' friends are coming over or spending extra time on her hair yada, yada. Saturday I told Kate that we would go to a movie if there was time. She invited her best friend and what happens to be Kolbie's best friend. Chris just got done with pracitce and I figured he would hurry into some ratty clothes and we would be off. He told me to go and pick up the girls' friends and come back and get him. When I pulled in and honked he came out a gussied up. His hair was done, in fact I think he had some cologne on.
I can remember some of my crushes growing up. I was not much of a dater. High School days were usually spent along the wall at the stomps and sometimes asking a girl I would not get turned down by. Lisa was my first big crush. She was a senior when I was a freshman. I always got butterflies if I thought she might come to my ball game or see me in the hall. Shaunna and Lynne were others that I can remember. Me being the big Duff and scardy cat, I never asked them on a date. Not sure if they would have ever said yes, but I sure dreamed. Now that I look back I was always so nervous just to be around them. Don't we do weird things. Just being a friend with someone of the opposite sex would bring about the normal butterflies. Did you ever drive by that person's home to see if the light was on? or call their phone number and hang up right before they answer? I almost felt like a PI trying to find out as much about that person without them finding out you were snooping. Shaunna lived right around the corner from my best friend so I would not have to go out of my way to go by her house, and if she happened to catch me I had a good alibi.
I wish my kids luck in their new adventure, and I am glad I am not back in their shoes. It will be fun to watch from a safe distance. (Like sitting between them at the movie theater!)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Book Reveiw

So it is now time for another one of my stupid book reviews. I know some of you think that I do not know how to read, but hey I even surprise myself. This book has no pictures! Surprised? In fact that is one thin I wish this book did have. In most life stories I have read they have pictures in the center. This book did not. I would have been fun to see Josh in his younger years or when he was going through all the stuff he has. Some of you may not know Josh is a baseball player.....SURPRISE! and I was reading his book........ SURPRISE! The book explains his story from high school super star to #1 draft pick to early days in minor league baseball. It then proceeds to tell of his dark days as an addict. Starting in his third year of professional baseball Josh met his addictive behavior. It started out simple as tattoos progressed to drinking and cocaine and then to crack. He tells of the dark days and of how he got back.
I liked this book. Everyone one of us struggles with some sort of addiction. Even if it is as simple as TV or more complex such as drugs or pornography. These things are real and we need to learn to cope and overcome. Life is not always easy nor does it smell like roses every day. Things as simple as pain pills, porn and eating can destroy families and marriages. I liked Josh's attitude during his recovery. "Piece by Piece" he took it each day. Each day trying to be just a bit better than the last. He nearly lost everything, a 4 million dollar signing bonus, his wife, kids, mom and dad, everything for the drugs that consumed him. He overcame and gives us all hope. Needless to say I am going to find his autograph to add to my memorabilia. He gives us all hope.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dishwasher Loaded and Ready

The Young men and Young women of the ward were having a service scavenger hunt tonight. I was informed to have something for them to do when they come over to our house. Of course I had to do the pre service project cleaning. I decided to load the dishwasher. I loaded 23 cups, I know that I did the dishes last night. So between the 5 of us we used 4.6 cups each throughout the day. 4.6..... What in the world is that??? At least my family is not dehydrated. I do not think my lips touched one of those glasses either.
I do not think my kids understand that glasses can be washed and reused. Each new beverage does not need to go into a clean glass. Milk, water, and any soda pop can be easily rinsed out of a glass and that same glass re used. Jill's little sister will not drink dairy products from the same glass as someone else. I know that my brother's wife never drank the last splash of milk from the bottle. Her family always threw it out with a small splash still in the bottle. One of the first times she ever ate at our home Dad was pouring milk for everyone and he happened to finish off the jug right into her glass. I think she almost died.
Beverages have become such the place setting in our lives. In the seventies cars did not have cup holders, now your car better have a cup holder that holds a big gulp sized cup. How many of us drink 32 ounces or more a day. I used to down the Coke, the guys at work said I had brown blood. Not lately though, I have not had a Coke since Oct 4th. I am going to celebrate that on my birthday with my first cold one in 6 months. At least I know that I have enough cups!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


This great place pictured above is what I have determined as the exact replica of Hell. It is Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah. Don't get me wrong. It is a remarkable facility and I am sure they do some amazing things there, but it has become the sliver in my family's lives that I cannot dig out.
Some of you may not know, but Jill suffers with chronic kidney stones. When I say chronic, I mean she passes one about every 2 months. Sometimes these stones get so large that they cannot pass by themselves and they need to be surgically removed or blasted. Below you will find a picture of 3 kidney stones.
This has been a regular occurrence at the James home for the past 8 or so years. In fact we can plan on a visit to the ER about every 3 months. Today was not an exception. These visits come with much turmoil in our home. Jill and I always fight about it and it makes matters worse. The ER never does anything for Jill in these visits, so I argue that they are a waste of time and money. It frustrates me because what can they really do, but try to make her comfortable. Lately not even that has been happening. Jill's last visit to IMC they exposed her to numerous diseases' and now along with the pain she has anxiety about the trip. I do not not know what to do. I just do not know how much more we can take, Jill especially.
I know that on this earth we are tested, but it seems as though we have had enough. I just wish there was an easier way. Jill is doing fine, in fact we have it down to a science. I usually drop Jill off, she goes in and then calls me when they are pulling the IV so I can go back and get her. I should be sitting by her side, but I can't sit and do nothing. I find it easier to deal with the stress working or doing laundry. Please remember us in your prayers. We need something to change. I just wish I could take it away.
I know that I am part of the problem, and I wish I could change my attitude toward the whole ordeal. I need to.