Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hunter Junior Football or Bust!!!!

  I am slightly disappointed tonight!  Today was the first day of football practice.  Last year Chris' age group had 2 teams with approximately 30 players.  Today there were 12 at practice.  What happened to them all???
    I guess that is something we will never know.  We are in our second year in the league and I hear through the grape vine there were issues with the coaching a few years back.  Those issues divided the boys into an A team group and a B team group.  The players and families made it clear which side of the line they stood.  So clear in fact that last year at least one kid quit and forfeited all his sign up fee rather than play on the "wrong" team.  This division spilled over into school and even other sports.  Can't we all just get along.
    Apparently Chris was placed on the "bad" coaches team last year.  I was warned that we should quit, but Chris had never played before so we did not have certain expectations and went into it blindly.  Chris had a great year, he did not play lots, but he played and got better as the season went along.  I respected those coaches.  They put in lots of time to help my son.  Were they the best coaches, no, but they took out of their time to make my son feel important.  What more could I ask.
    I am not sure if this feud spoiled this Junior team or not.  I can only imagine the powerhouse that could have been for all these years if they could have stayed together. I am sure that Hunter High School took a few players from us.  This will not destroy us.  We are going to have fun and enjoy our time.  My brother in law, Jeremy, has been thrown to the wolves.  (He is this years coach) We, "The James Gang" , will support and do our best to make this a fun experience.