Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Welcome mat is out!!

We have the wonderful opportunity of having a mouse or a family of mice at the shop. It is such the great thing to host this family on a regular basis. They have enjoyed our hospitality. In fact the candy bowl has been raided several times and lately these mice have been great at playing games with us. Most definitely they like the get the food out of the trap without setting it off game.

This leads us back to a few years ago when we thought we had a mouse in the shop. This mouse scared us to death. He would only come in on the weekends and he ate an entire bag of sunflower seeds off the top of one of the guys' tool boxes. (destroyed the bag) We decided we needed to catch the beast when we noticed sunflower seeds on the top of the engine of a car one time. It was almost like he had himself dinner and then fell asleep in the warmest spot he could find. Turns out this was no mouse at all, he was Rocky the squirrel. We bought a large animal trap and got him one Friday afternoon. The stupid squirrel was trying to eat through the bars on the trap and he tried to bite us. We did the only right thing and transported him to "body shop alley" on 3rd west and 9th south and let him out over there. It was by the train tracks so he would have plenty of body shop sunflower seeds and places to sleep by the train yard.

Anyways our current mouse or mice are smart. I set an ancient trap and the dang thing took the bread and did not set off the trap. So we went out and bought some of the sticky traps. I told the guys I would catch them dead before they could in the sticky traps and so the competition was on. Each of us got 2 traps. Me with my traditional whack em dead traps and them each with the fangdango new dealies. The next morning I had 1 dead mouse, but one of the sticky traps was gone. That stupid mouse had carried the trap some 6 feet away and basically eaten itself out. We have gone a week without another trapping. So today at NPS we found a rather large trap. I posted it in a good location, almost broke my finger by the way. Tomorrow I know that we will find a dead mouse.
Tina hates mice and she cleans savagely everywhere we notice the appearance of mice. I was walking around the office pointing out every corner that a mouse could have been. She certainly has the cleanest desk in the shop, and I know that those mice like the copy machine and fax machine (they need to be cleaned).

Monday, January 26, 2009

Funny thing happened at court today!

I had to go to court today and it was sort of comical. I was asked to be a witness for the defendant in a case of customer vs. the mechanical shop that damaged his car. First off, I have never had to go to court before. Usually a written estimate stands for itself and the estimator does not need to be present, but hey they paid me $18 to come and say what I saw. I looked at this Audi on January 23, 2008. Just over 1 year ago. I am supposed to remember everything I said and what I saw..... RIGHT! I cannot remember what I ate for a snack 5 minutes ago, let alone a car that I saw 1 year and 4 days ago. Besides every car is the same to me. They all have damage that I need to fix. Then there are the stories, I have heard them all. He pulled out in front of me, or she was not looking or how about the guy that hit a refrigerator at 65 mph on the freeway. (The refrigerator was stopped, the car was going 65, now that would be a story!)
I guess this Audi fell off the lift and damaged under the passengers door. They did not dispute that the shop damaged the car, it was just what damage. Anyway, I think I hurt the shop because I told them what I estimated I stand behind, but I was not there when the car fell off the rack so I do not know what was damaged by the shop. ( I guess the car hit the worker on the head when it fell, the judge asked if he was Ok, I almost started laughing.)
So, I am under oath and testifying and the judge asks for a conference and asks me to stay in the witness chair. I am am a little nervous at this point and then the bailiff comes walking over to me. He leans over and tells me that the court secretary told him to tell me that that we have her car now and she is going to pick it up after court. FUNNY! The judge then proceeds to ask the customer if he would take his car to us and let us fix it if the mechanic would pay for it. He said no, but that was funny too. I was excused after I testified, but I am sure the shop lost again. ( this was an appeal). Remind me not to eat the fish and chips at sizzler next time because the whole time my stomach was just brewing. I made it through the court case without getting arrested or strip searched, although the guard at the door was sort of hot so that would have been ok. And I did have fun at court today!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do you like Me? Yes ____ No ____ (check the box)

Yesterday I was confronted with the dreaded Yes or No note. Come on, you all know what I am talking about. "Do you like me Yes ___ No ___" . Do not try to pretend that you were not on the receiving or giving end of one of these in your lifetime. I can remember Kelly Seikman in the 5th grade at Oquirrh Elementary. All of us boys wrote those notes then chased her down to give them to her. Of course we were all scared to death of her, and I do not think she ever answered any of us. Later on in high school the rumor was passed around that her and her boy friend spent lots of time sluffing school and having sex on her kitchen counter. I am not sure she was the type of girl we wanted anyway, but the excitement of the "hunt" had begun.
Kolbie brought this note home and said that Kaleb only likes her as a friend. It sure is fun. It made me think about my younger days. In junior high I had 1 heavy crush, Aimee Harris, I could not stand anywhere near her without getting twitter pated. I had to walk down her locker hall just for the chance at a glimpse. Even in High School I was not that out going to ask or be in the proximity of the girls. I do not think it was until after my mission that I developed a set and "asked" someone straight out for a date. I wonder what it is. Girls are people too, they do not come from another planet (Venus), or put on their pants any different...... I know what it is.... WOMEN. Women cause everything we do. If not for women, men would stay at home watch football all of the time and go fishing. It causes the speech to become slurred and sweat glands to produce. The young kids do not realize it yet, but that is the cause of all this that we do. Oh to have the fun kids life again. (by the way I locked Kate and Kolbie in their rooms until they are 25, no Yes___ or No ___ boxes for them)
PS. My first date with Jill I told her that it was an assignment from the stake singles ward that she needed to complete.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tuesday, well that is tomorrow, but as you all know, unless you have been holed up in the bottom of a vessel sailing the seven seas. Tomorrow is the inauguration of the new president of the United States. I am not a big fan, but it will be a historic event. I did say historic not prehistoric like I was thinking when I saw Stevie Wonder singing at the Lincoln Memorial party. I am glad to see the events and I look forward to the future. DO I believe the President Obama can "change" everything..... no, it takes more that one person to tango. We as a country will need to work together and bash through this funk we are in. I do believe that WE can do it. Is life all that bad...... NO, I think lots of these companies are seeing that they can trim some of the fat. Those that are not pulling his or her weight will get the axe. I hope everyday that I put my best foot forward and can be counted among the hard workers. Heck I think I work pretty hard. I even have a second job lately, a taxi driver! Just ask my girls, they still owe me $4.53 for the taxi ride home the other day. I will just put it on their tab. I plan on giving it my best tomorrow and every other day. Good luck Mr. President and if you wreck your car in SLC, bring it by.
PS. My girls do not think I am very funny either.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I feel like an idiot!!

IDIOT, why can I not connect the dots. The other night I was looking for something to read and I stumbled across the book "Christmas Jars". Great book that I read a few years ago, If you have not read it I would greatly suggest it. Well, I was thumbing through the pages re reading some parts and I put it down. I thought I would start something else. Then I got on the computer and started to goof around. I have an addiction to "facebook", I have had some fun looking up some old friends and just playing around with it. Well, I found my mission group on there and found a few of my old companions. Jason Wright was there and so I wondered what he was doing with his life. HE IS THE AUTHOR of my book, "Christmas Jars". I could not believe that my mission companion had done so well for himself. So I went out and got "Wednesday's Letters", that is great too.

Just to think I was his companion some 18 years ago. We had such a good time together, I pulled out my journal to reminisce some of the old times. Jason and I used to play 9 ball pool all the time. In fact I think we averaged 4 or 5 games a day. In Brasil they have barzinos all over the place. Almost like 7-11's but they are open bars and most of them have pool tables. These barzinos were always by the bus stops. So we started to play 9 ball pool. The Brazilians did not normally play this kind of pool so we would teach whoever and then laugh and play a game. We had a ball. Just close your eyes and imagine two missionaries in ties and white shirts drinking Cokes and playing pool. What a laugh. We baptized so many together, and I do not think I worked harder with anyone else. I think we went roller staking, BBQ hamburgers for our zone and had a massive missionary sleep over one time. He was great.

The story that I remember most happened almost before we were transferred. I woke up one morning and his bed was gone. I found him asleep in the office area on the floor so I asked what happened. I guess he was dreaming that we were teaching by a place in Brasil called sete largoas. There is a big lake in the middle of town there. He had to go to the bathroom really bad. I apparently told him to go in the lake. So he did. He peed so much that it went through the mattress and puddled on the floor. I know that he was embarrassed that he had peed the bed, but we laughed so hard at that. In my Journal at the end of that day I wrote in big letters "GO IN THE LAKE!!!!"

If you get a chance read his books, they are great, and the author was my compainion. This is my claim to fame.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Help me with a problem......

I am going to get in so much trouble....... Oh well,

I have a friend, relative or acquiantance that has moved away from her family for the first time in her life. My sister... (oops) moved to Spokane a month ago as some of you may know. I am worried about her. See, this is the first time that she has ever been "away" from home. I do not want her to be sad and miss her family. So, I am trying to think of how I did it when I have lived a way from the homestead.

I have never been to Spokane, but I am sure that there is plenty of new things to see. I would try to get out of the house and explore the area. That can be hard in the winter time, but try some close places first. The Library, I am sure they read in other places than here. Or a mall, You do not need to buy anything just go for a walk. Is there a gym near by or even a scrapbook store. Just keep busy. That will keep your mind off the miles from Mom.

Next I would suggest your ward. Become involved, the church is different in places other than Utah. Demand a calling form the Bishop or call the Relief Society President to see if they need any help. I am sure the young women would be happy to help with Jayda and Jaycee once in a while so you can have some "free" time. Can your neighbors use some help with something else? The ward will have activities for you to be involved in.... do it.

Hobbies, I know that you like to scrapbook, but never have the time. Do it, try some new things. Read a book or two. Is there a book club that you can join? ask the Relief Society they might know. I will bet the girls will like a matinee movie every once in a while and they are usually cheap. Is there a play group or pre school you can get Jayda into? These are all great hobbies for you.

Last but not least is your testimony, build it. It is a good time for you to learn on your own. The Gospel can be a strength to you.

With technology we are not that far away. (Heck the webcam will let you see my ugly mug anytime you want). We love you Jay and pray that everything will be great.

NOW... I would ask everyone Else's help. Some of you have more experience than I do at being a long way from home. Can you leave a comment about what you do or have done to get used to living somewhere else. I would appreciate it. Thanks

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tonight is the night, and I will be watching. So if you are planning on robbing my house just do not disturb me in the midst of the game. This will be a big test for the Utes, in fact this game could be the biggest they have ever played. Utah is the only team from a non BCS conference to play in a BCS game more than once. Can they beat Alabama? I am not feeling that confident, but I will cheer as loud as possible form my comfy couch. I think it is funny to hear the fans guaranteeing victory. I consider myself a huge sports fan, and I have teams that I have followed for a long time, but I am not the in your face fan of those teams. I like the complexity of the game. Whether t be trying to analyze the defense or the strategy on the baseball diamond. That is what I love. I hope for a good day
Go Utes!!