Friday, December 26, 2008


The James family had a very Merry Christmas. The kids ended up with a Wii, and it has been lots of fun for all of us. Game Stop had a buy 2 and get 1 free sale. So I took the kids and braved the snow to see what we could find. (This is the picnic table in our back yard.) They happened to have this new game called "Wii Music" and so we took it home. I thought it would be a fun group game. Boy has it ever. We had some visitors over today and I could not stop from laughing at them. I finally went outside to shovel.
I was not laughing at them, but with them. Sadie, Kate and Halee looked like they were having fun. I know that Chris, Kate and Kolbie were enjoying it. I like ti when my kids have their friends over . It is fun to get to know them. I am not sure that the Hardings know what to think of our family, but we are glad to have them in the ward. Besides, I can make fun of Chris Harding for being such a terrible college football game picker. (I think he is currently 1-5 in my bowl game pool). I told him Sarah could pick better.
I think this will be a good investment. It is now after 11 and the kids are still together playing.
I hope this season finds everyone safe and you can enjoy the time with your family. Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I want to be COOL!

Dear diary,

I have come to realize something...... I am not cool anymore. I have passed the ripe time of wanting to be in the center of everything. Do you remember when knowing or even dating a cheerleader was awesome! I had the opportunity to go out with one of the cool girls for a while. She may have liked me who knows. I know she asked me to a girls choice dance so I must have been more than the weirdo, unless she did it on a dare?? I think that my red truck was even a way for me to garner some of that attention. Sitting in the flame ridden truck and wondering if every girl on the block wanted a ride was the "thing" to do. I have seen this in my primary class. They are of the age where being the center of attention is the way. I think that this is why we have such a hard time with them the last few months. Most of them are 12 and starting in junior high. They want to be Tom Brady, Jeff Dunham (comedian), and President Obama all rolled into one. Heck I think I know adults like that. I still have that inner desire. You know the kind, they haven't attended Sunday school in years, talk about all the things they are going to buy, and what kind of car they did (or are going to) drive. Today I asked the boys if they were ready for Christmas? They launched into the talk of knowing what they were getting, because they sneaked a peak. One would start talking the minute the other stopped. No one bothered to listen to each other, just 7 different conversations going on all at once. I could have said "there goes a naked Brooke Burke" and they would not have heard a word I said. Oh to be "THE" guy again right. Clicks can be funny if you are able to step back and see the entire picture. I ran into a couple the other day about my age and she was wearing her high school dance team jacket. Not sure if she was living in the past or if the closet was bare that day, but what was she thinking?? I think that some times those clicks get to an unhealthy point. Can you imagine our government that way........ Oh wait a minute I think it might be already, if you are friends with the president or have enough money you can get that popular position right??? What a sick world we live in. At least I can try to be a good person no matter what my neighbor thinks of me. (By the way, quit shoveling your snow on my driveway!!! or I will cut you out of the "in" crowd.)

On a more important note we got some good snowfall this Friday, but let it snow!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

16 years!! Yesterday

Jill and have been married for a long time !!! I cannot believe it has been that long. Seems like yesterday. I know that I have not aged, lost any hair, or gained any weight. It is everyone else that is getting older. I have been debating what to write about. There are lots of fun times and some very difficult ones. If anyone ever says being married is easy they LIE. It is lots of work, but the rewards are plentiful. So what are the rewards of my marriage?

#1 Jill is a fabulous woman that I love. She has taught me the importance of respect, and love for someone close to you. I do not show my feelings very well and I know that I do not tell her very often, but I Love her immensely. When I was first married I would wish that Jill was not so opinionated, but now I understand that it is important to hear what others have to think. I like to listen to her ideas on politics and sports. They usually differ from mine, but that is just fine.

#2 My kids teach me everyday, patience and loving understanding. Without 16 years ago my kids would not be here and I would be lost without them. I love to spend time with them and enjoy the things they are doing. My favorite times come when I get to have 1 on 1 time. When Jill works or has plans and I can take Kate to the store or cart them to their friends that is what I love. They are growing up now, but they will always be mine.

#3 Now to embarrass Jill.......... You just fill in the blank. Ha Ha!!! Just kidding.

OK here is to another 16 years!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

5 people

Today I was reading in ESPN the magazine and an article got me to thinking and sparked a bit of a debate in the James household. Steven A Smith wrote about the people he would love to meet. So I asked everyone who would you like to have lunch with and spend the afternoon with. The person needed to be alive. I got answers form everyone. Jill was Obama, Mrs Obama, Nelson Mandela, and I do not know who else. Kate and Kolbie had Miley Cirus, Tayor Swift (me too) etc. Chris was stuck with Jeter, A Rod and the like so here goes my list of 5.

#1 Tommy Lasorda. Would it not be awesome to sit down with one of the greatest managers of all time. can you imagine where we would have lunch?

#2 Vin Scully, Ok do you see my theme? This guy is an incredible voice in basebal past. It would be fun to hear the stories that he has. I love the his Kirk Gibson world Series story.

#3 George W Bush, I am not a political guy, but I think the president would be neat to hang out with for the day. He likes baseball too so that would be fun.

#4 Tiger Woods, he seems like an incredilbe guy. He like sfishing and golfing. I would just like a portion of his determination.

#5 Thomas S Monson, how could you turn down the prophet?

If I could have more then Michael Jordan would come in, Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Theo Epstien, Mark Cuban, David Locke. I could go on and on. Let me know who would make your list.

(If I put Carrie Underwood on my list I think I would be on the couch..... wink wink.)