Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I VOTED!!!!!!

Ha, I am laughing in the face of Major League Baseball! Some of you may know of my baseball infatuation. She is my semi-secret love. I listen to more baseball games in one day than what most of you do in a lifetime. on average I find parts of all 15 games each day. That said I have found something very interesting. Manny Ramirez has been suspended by MLB for using performance enhancing drugs. Ok, everyone has heard this, no big deal. Well, he currently stands 4th in the voting for the all star game. IF he finishes 3rd or higher then he can start in the game for the national league. He is going to end up missing a great portion of the first half of this season because of his suspension. The bigs in major league baseball are beginning to become worried.
I am voting for him as many times as I can. Baseball needs to realize where the all star game relates for us fans. It does not count, nor should it. It is a fun game, we want to see our favorite players play. Manny is one of our favorites. This game is an exhibition. Keep it that way. Take away the phrase "it counts". Get a clue!!
I voted and voted as many times a s I can. Manny for all star!!!
Here is the link so you can vote:


Good luck!!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Making up and blabbering on.

It has been way too long and I apologize. I have just been hooked on the facebook thing and so I do not make it over here as much as I should. Some of you may be reading this on facebook. It is picking up the feed from our family blog. I hope that is not too confusing. Try this : http://www.gregjillandkids.blogspot.com/ Ok now that I have that all cleared up on with the show or a simple make up blog if you do not mind.

I am telling you at has been a royal struggle to get some motivation lately. Louie has stolen all of mine and I looked in the drawer, there is none left in reserve. It seems as though the insurance companies of late have been hammering on everything. It gets this way when they are slow. Each manager has to prove that his job is important. You know how it is. Nationwide had 4 different people review one of my estimates the other day. I do not do well when someone is critiquing me, especially someone that I do not even work for. It is the reviewers job to find errors in my estimate, ones that save them money. One recently found that I had just done a straight mark up on an alignment invoice. I was not supposed to do that. I needed to break done each operation and charge them accordingly. Ha, Ha that time it cost you stupid insurance company a whopping $6 more. I will teach you.

Body Shops are driven so much by what the insurance will allow. Sometimes I feel like a big puppet. "Yes sir Mr insurance, what you say big sir' One of these days I want to turn to whoever and say. "No! this is the bill, pay it!!!!"

Our shop's philosophy is honesty. We want to be paid for what we do and nothing more or less. It is becoming more and more difficult.

My darling little Kate finished up her softball season last week. She did not make the all-star team and was sort of disappointed. I was much more proud of her for getting the team's sportsmanship award. Sara commented at one of the games that our quiet Kate is the one down on the bench leading all of the cheers. Way to go Kate!!!! She only has a couple of days left and she is on to junior high.